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Heaps looks to build upon previous quarterback's efforts

Heaps looks to build upon previous quarterback’s efforts

Jake Heaps knows how things turned out for Dayne Crist last year as quarterback for the Jayhawks. Heaps watched every snap and was able to learn what worked for Crist, and more often,  what didn’t. Through it all, Heaps maintained a level of respect for the stoic way Crist carried himself during the difficult moments […]

Quarterback battle continues as Weis pushes team forward

Quarterback battle continues as Weis pushes team forward

The only news on the Kansas quarterback front is that there is nothing new. For the second week in a row coach Charlie Weis has deferred to talk about the battle between fifth-year senior Dayne Crist and freshman Michael Cummings until his weekly press conference of Tuesday. Last Saturday in Norman, Okla., it was Cummings […]

Weis to study Oklahoma before making a decision about quarterbacks

Weis to study Oklahoma before making a decision about quarterbacks

If you’re holding your breath to see who will start at quarterback for Kansas against Oklahoma on Saturday, grab another taste of air. On Monday morning’s teleconference coach Charlie Weis held off the decision for a while longer, saying that he needed to study both Dayne Crist and Michael Cummings further before giving an update […]

Strathman: Out with the old, in with the new

For a moment, the Kansas football team looked like it had some magic. The team stormed back from a 20-point deficit and cut Oklahoma State’s lead down to six. Sadly, a roughing the kicker penalty caused the game to be over, and Kansas lost 20-14. But, hope is not lost. With the offense hardly posing […]

First half success not enough for a Jayhawk victory

MANHATTAN, KAN. — For three possessions the Kansas Jayhawks football team looked like it had it figured out for Saturday’s contest. Before the interceptions from senior quarterback Dayne Crist, before freshman Tre’ Parmalee’s kick return blunders and before Kansas dug itself into a 40-point deficit, the Jayhawks appeared as good as their counterpart for this […]

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Road Kill Ahead: Weekend holds a bad beating for Kansas or calamity for K-State (UPDATED)

After three years of futility against the in-state rival, Kansas coach Charlie Weis needed to try something different if he wanted to give his team any chance in the 111th Sunflower Showdown. So Weis changed up his practices by making it full contact for everyone—even the quarterbacks. “Everything was full speed, including going against my […]

Weis focuses on hard work leading up Sunflower Showdown

Weis focuses on hard work leading up Sunflower Showdown

During the bye week, Kansas football coach Charlie Weis didn’t take any breaks while prepping his players for the Sunflower Showdown with a three-game losing streak in their rear-view. Weis visited the history between Kansas and Kansas State with his players. He stressed the importance of this rivalry to give them pride going into Saturday’s […]

Strathman: Crist has yet to live up to expectations

When football coach Charlie Weis declared that senior quarterback Dayne Crist would play for the football team, many thought Crist would be the second-coming of former quarterback Todd Reesing. Some thought that he would be the missing piece to the team. Only problem is that the piece is still missing. After four games, the former […]

Kansas football loses third straight game

Kansas football loses third straight game

DEKALB, ILL. –  Kansas fans who were waiting for senior quarterback Dayne Crist to lead the Jayhawks to victory will have to show more patience. Since joining the Jayhawks, Crist has had only one game in which he completed more than 50 percent of his passes — and it wasn’t during Saturday’s 30-23 loss at […]

Carpenter: Crist cannot be only answer

It’s not Dayne Crist’s fault he’s not Tom Brady, the three-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback under offensive coordinator Charlie Weis. It’s Charlie Weis’ fault for not realizing the difference. Weis, who talked all offseason about the changes he’s made since his mostly failed tenure at Notre Dame, has spent the first three weeks of the season […]

Crist Mid-week Press Conference NIU

Crist Mid-week Press Conference NIU

Quarterback Dayne Crist meets with the media as the team prepares for NIU on Saturday.

Gameday Preview: Kansas vs. TCU, Sept. 15

KANSAS Offense: The jury is slowly filing back in with a verdict on quarterback Dayne Crist, and it looks like he could be found guilty of fraud. The once highly touted quarterback has completed 33 of 64 passes for just 313 yards — an average of five yards per completion. Crist has also been easily […]

Carpenter: Good running offense not enough to win Big 12 games this season

Two weeks into the season, as Kansas fans were supposed to be singing the praises of starting quarterback Dayne Crist after two particularly easy non-conference home games, it’s been the running game that has carried the offense and kept the Jayhawks from staring down an 0-2 record as Big 12 play begins Saturday afternoon against […]

McCarthy: Jayhawks look to improve, compete with TCU

For Kansas Football it is time to regroup. Yet again. This season was destined to be a difficult one from the start, but losing to Rice on Saturday now makes it more difficult than previously imagined. Looking at the schedule, Kansas fans knew they only had a few opportunities to grab victories this year, and […]

Last-minute errors prevent Jayhawks' second victory

Last-minute errors prevent Jayhawks’ second victory

A football game can end one of three ways: a team scores winning points as time expires, the clock runs out on a team’s comeback bid, or the team with the lead moves the chains enough to run out the clock. On Saturday, the Kansas football team could’ve clinched its second win of the season […]

Jayhawks let lead slip away, lose to Rice in last seconds

Holding on to a narrow two-point lead with 4:47 left to go in the game, senior quarterback Dayne Crist lofted a pass to junior receiver Chris Omigie in attempt to keep Kansas on the field and extend its drive. Instead of completing the pass, Rice’s cornerback Bryce Callahan jumped up and intercepted the ball at […]