Charlie Weis stresses the importance of effort after Texas Tech loss

When Charlie Weis met with the team Sunday, he broke Saturday’s game against Texas Tech down as he watched it with them.
First they watched the first quarter, where the Jayhawks outscored the Red Raiders 10-0.

“‘OK, we’re far from perfect, getting away with a 10-0 lead,” Weis told his team. “Whooping them pretty good, beating them on both sides of the ball; right now any objective person would say this team has a legitimate chance of winning the game.”

Then he showed them 35 plays from the rest of the game to show the players why the game got away from them in what ended up being a 54-16 loss for the Jayhawks.

Weis started by showing them the first quarter so that the team wouldn’t focus on how badly the game got out of hand in the following quarters and take away a bad attitude.

But the players who Weis didn’t see playing hard until the final whistle of the game will see their names moved down on the depth chart Tuesday.

“The ones that played hard will still be in the same situation they were last week, playing,” Weis said. “Then there will be a number of changes in the depth chart I put out tomorrow.”

One position that Weis assured has not changed is quarterback. The back-up quarterback Michael Cummings was on the field more than any of the other three games of the season on Saturday, but that was due to the strategy Weis was using.

“We put Michael in there because we were going to run some outside option schemes and that is not Jake’s cup of tea,” Weis said. “Jake’s our starter.”

The offensive line may be another story. Weis indicated that he will make changes to the starters on the offensive line for this week’s game at TCU.

Weis was asked during his weekly teleconference with Big 12 media on Monday if the offensive line is being constantly evaluated by coaches looking at who should play.

“Yeah, there will be a bunch of changes here come tomorrow,” Weis said.

In the post-game press conference on Saturday, Weis mentioned that there were too many bad snaps from the center to the quarterback, and that he had a conversation with offensive line coach Tim Grunhard about what could be done at the position.

But penalties on the offensive line were also an issue. Weis said he saw an offensive line that was confused by the Texas Tech defense.

“I mean we had five procedural penalties on the offensive line at a home game,” Weis said. “That stems from just not paying attention, and that was not a good thing.”

An abundance of negatives came out of the game on Saturday, but one that could hurt the Jayhawks moving forward in the season is the injury that running back Tony Pierson suffered in the third quarter when he apparently landed out of bounds on the track at Memorial Stadium.

Pierson had his eyes closed and was not moving by the time Weis made his way down the sideline to scene. Weis said Pierson could miss substantial time with a possible concussion after the game, but had a more positive outlook on the injury on Monday.

“All he’s got is a headache, which is a good thing,” Weis said. “I don’t know if he’s out for a week, I don’t know if he’s out for a month. I really don’t know how that’s going to play out. But I know one thing, with Tony or anyone else, at least we’re going to err on the side of caution.”

Weis said Pierson will not be listed as active on the depth chart released Tuesday.

  • Updated Oct. 7, 2013 at 11:15 pm