Vernon: Kansas State loss makes bye week a success

Don’t be so gloomy, Charlie. Saturday wasn’t so bad.

Sure, your team sat idling while everyone else showcased months of hard work.  And yes, you spent hours watching college football Saturday, thinking it should be Kansas out there too.

“It was just awful,” Weis said. “My least favorite day in the last six months.”

It had to be an empty feeling. One that induced some anxiety. You held the remote to your TV instead of the playbook to your offense — and it sucked.

“You just put a capital L on your forehead because that’s what it felt like sitting there watching all these games,” Weis said.

Chin up, Chuck.

There’s one thing you must’ve watched that made your Saturday better: Kansas State lost to North Dakota State 24-21. The Bison had an eight-minute drive to close out the game and finish off the Wildcats.

Now that had to make you smirk.

When you first came to Lawrence — literally your first day in town — you talked and talked about Kansas State. You wanted to figure out why they had won 10 games, while Kansas had lost 10. You even duplicated their recruiting tactic of bringing in loads of junior college transfers.

A good goal for the long-term success of the program isn’t beating Kansas State, it’s being better than Kansas State.

No one is predicting Kansas will overcome Kansas State this year. As long as Bill Snyder is running the program, that day’s a long way away. Heck, it’s hard to say Weis will ever see it happen. But, after Saturday, a message was sent to the program:
There’s a chance.

And that chance had to make you feel good, Charlie.

That’s all of the work you’ve put in, the criticism you’ve taken, the career risk you took to come to Lawrence, is finally starting to feel right.

There’s a chink in Bill Snyder’s seemingly impenetrable force field out west, one that will surely be corrected, but a sign of weakness nonetheless.

Feel better, Charlie.

Your team had to sit on their hands Saturday instead of using them to block an opponent. To catch a football. To throw a pass. And that makes your team itching to play. That makes your team ready.

They watched the upset down the road. They saw what a team from the Dakotas can do, in case they had already forgotten.

Even though you hated Saturday, Charlie, just know Bill Snyder hated it worse. And that’s not a bad start to your football season.

  • Updated Sep. 4, 2013 at 12:57 am
  • Edited by Chas Strobel