Brew: Kansas City sports fans, remain cautiously optimistic

Kansas City has recently been “blessed” with some of the most underperforming franchises in professional sports. With the exclusion of Sporting Kansas City – mind you, lost in the first round of the MLS playoffs this year – area franchises have been as underwhelming as it gets.

The problem, and mine sometimes as well, is that we all think with our heart and not our mind. I believed in Dayne Crist and Kansas football this year. I believed when the Royals said it was “Our Time,” that it was actually our time. I believed that when multiple so-called experts predicted the Chiefs could win the AFC West that they had a chance.

What do we get?

One win, 90 losses, two wins.

I am now convinced that we humans believe too much for our own good. I hate to play Debbie Downer, especially in a very public setting, but what good reasons do we have to truly be excited about next year? I’m not a pessimist but I’d love to caution our collective optimism.

Sure, Jayhawk football looks to be making a turn. Charlie Weis found some high-quality junior-college players, even drawing the nickname #DreamTeam2013. Jake Heaps has a year in the system and will make an impact at the team’s most important position as quarterback.

But do the ‘Hawks really have what it takes to make great strides? The team gave away some games in the 2012 campaign, making one think that we may fall on the right side of the fence this time. The problem is no one gets a break in the Big 12. It simply is too good. Week in and week out, Kansas will have its hands full with the team on the opposing sideline.

It has been an eventful offseason for the Royals. Bringing in pitcher James Shield and pitcher Wade Davis bring help to the pitching staff, but at a cost of their best prospect, outfielder Wil Myers. Fixing the pitching and removing depth is most certainly the win-now, go for broke approach. Essentially, based on Shield’s contract, the men in blue have two years to make a run at the post season. This means no injury setbacks, upside performance from most of the players, and a continued weak American League Central division.

The Chiefs are actually the scariest of the three. So far, they’ve sucked us in with a coaching hire, GM selection and our first round draft pick. I love the Reid pick, and new GM John Dorsey has an incredible history with the draft.

To me, the biggest concern is that the team will change very little from last year’s two-win squad. The number one pick isn’t half what it was last year. Some experts even say there isn’t a quarterback worthy of a first round selection. The Chiefs picked the wrong year to be awful.

Free agency could make or break Sundays at Arrowhead. Wide reciever Dwayne Bowe and offensive lineman Brandon Albert would be key re-signs. But the Chiefs need addition from free-agent talent, specifically at the quarterback position.

Alex Smith appears to be the common desire from most fans. Drafting a signal caller to develop wouldn’t be a bad move either. The time is driven by quarterback play, and the Chiefs just don’t have it.

I’m all for being wrong on this, believe me. I just don’t want everyone to get too excited and be let down again; a trend recently. Take caution in the upcoming seasons. Our local sports might not be ready just yet.

  • Updated Jan. 30, 2013 at 11:05 am
  • Edited by Hannah Wise