Brew: Rivalry Saturday missing the ‘Border Showdown’

For the first time since 1918, and only the second time since the rivalry’s inception in 1891, the Kansas and Missouri football teams did not play a football game against each other.

The oldest college sports rivalry west of the Mississippi River, the Border Showdown, drew the attention of each school’s fan bases and was an important game on the schedule every year. With Missouri’s move to the SEC at the beginning of this year, the rivalry ended, and there are currently no scheduled games between the two teams in the future.

After watching an incredible Saturday of college football filled with exciting matchups such as the Bedlam Game between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, and Notre Dame against USC,I realized that there was  one thing missing, the Border Showdown. As I was watching Johnny Football and Texas A&M take it to the Tigers, I began to wonder how the Jayhawks would matchup against the boys from Missouri this year.

Thanks to a beautiful thing known as social media, I was able to use the Twitter network to gather some opinions on the matchup, with some more insightful than others. After a couple twitter argument/conversations and the subsequent loss of at least five followers, I had garnered a decent amount of information to make a general prediction for the game.

Both Missouri and Kansas have had seasons that have showed promise and disappointment. The Tigers took one-loss Florida down to the wire, losing 14-7 in Gainesville. The Jayhawks looked like Big 12 contenders, or something close to it, during the first half of the Kansas State game. Kansas also played Big 12 opponents Texas Christian, Oklahoma State, Texas and Texas Tech very close as well. At the same time however, each team has had its moments looking like “The Replacements.” With the inconsistency both teams showed, who wins the game is a simple answer, which team shows up.

If I were a betting man, I’d take Missouri straight up. They’ve simply found a way to win more football games than the Jayhawks this year. But rivalry games just aren’t that simple. With the history of these two teams, any fan knows that anything can happen. There’s a reason football games aren’t played on paper – see Kansas State vs. Baylor two weekends ago. Kansas certainly has the guns to go against the Tigers and win, seeing as Missouri is in the bottom half of most major offensive and defensive categories this year.

It would have been entertaining to see how this year’s matchup would have played out. Unfortunately, we’re left playing “what if” games thinking about it. The money driven move to the SEC by the University of Missouri derailed one of the best rivalries in all of sports. With Missouri’s hoops team beginning to rise to national prominence, coupled with the definite improvement of KU football, the rivalry would be heading towards a golden age.

Instead, fans miss out on a series of great games in various sports each year, and writers such as me are left somber over our laptops thinking about what could have been.

  • Updated Nov. 26, 2012 at 9:02 pm
  • Edited by Andrew Ruszczyk
  • Chad Pio

    A sad (and hopefully temporary) situation. Cooler heads will prevail in a few years