Vernon: KU football program shows improvement despite only one win


After the second game of the football season, I wrote in this very spot that Kansas wouldn’t win another game.


While I may end up being right about the record, I was very wrong about how it would happen. After Kansas lost to Rice, I thought this season would  mirror the last two — embarrassing.

I thought the team would look incompetent on the field and that the coaching would be the same. After all, we had heard all off-season about how good Dayne Crist and the other transfers would be, and it appeared to be a farce.

I thought wrong.

This year’s team has not been embarrassing. This year’s team has not been incompetent. And this year’s players have played their butts off.
None of the above could easily have been said after last season’s 2-10 debacle.

This season, however, has been an entirely different tale. It’s been a story of improvement and a story of falling short.

Let’s look back at that Rice game because that’s where it all began. That’s when the close losses began. Kansas lost on a last-second field goal to the Owls. Crist, the supposed golden boy of Kansas football, looked far from special.

Then against TCU, the Horned Frogs were held to only 20 points. Kansas only scored six points, but the Jayhawks still had a legitimate chance to win that game.

And then there’s Northern Illinois, where Kansas lost on the road 30-23. Another close lose. Another game Kansas had a chance to win.

Kansas State was a second-half blowout that looked Turner Gill–esque, but let’s face it, the Wildcats could be playing for the National Championship in January.

There was the rainy Oklahoma State game, where Kansas lost 20-14 to a team that put up more than 50 points in the first half against them just one year ago.

Oklahoma and Baylor were never close, but growing pains are expected when a program is being built.

Look at the Texas and Texas Tech games, though. Kansas came within plays of winning both of these games. Never would I have imagined either of these games being close after that loss to Rice.

Why does all of this matter? Because, in the end, this football team has gotten far better than I could have imagined just 10 weeks ago.

They’ve got a legitimate chance to win this Saturday against Iowa State and to really prove me wrong.

Although 1-11 or not, they already have.

  • Updated Nov. 13, 2012 at 7:51 pm
  • Edited by Christy Khamphilay
  • Micky

    Where are the students at? I don’t get this. It was easy for the students to rail against the team early on, but where will they be for Senior Night? Be at the game! If you’re a student on campus and you don’t have tickets, you won’t be charged admission to get in tonight.