With a circulation of more than 12,000 papers daily, Monday through Thursday, The Kansan is the official student-run publication of the University of Kansas.

Digital includes the latest breaking news, exclusive online content, photo galleries and same day game coverage, available all day, every day.


The Kansan is the primary print source for campus news and sports. It's a century-old tradition, published for the students and by the students of KU.


The connection we have with our audience is as loyal and genuine as we could ask for. It's our job to bring this relationship to your business.

Publication Dates

Published every weekday save Fridays, the Kansan also publishes special editions roughly once a month and is delivered to 100 campus locations.

Terms & Contact

The fine print. We accept check, credit and first-born children. Just kidding. Our contact information is listed here for additional inquiries.