Free For All: March 5, 2013


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  • FFA = Future Farmers of America
  • Brace yourselves: Election season is coming.
  • I have a test tomorrow… Well, KU Basketball it is!

Wait. So all these “Vote Ad Astra” chalk writings on campus are in fact not promoting a delicious Free State beer…?

To the guy asking about the Pikachu hat, this Pikachu already has another trainer. Signed, Girl with the Pikachu hat.

Am I the only one on campus who feels indifferent toward KU basketball? I mean, I’m happy that they work hard and see success, but my day can still be a good one after a Kansas loss.

I don’t care how thick the blanket is or if the other options suck. Changing your baby on a cafeteria table is disgusting and not OK!

Left my laptop at my dorm. I might have to actually pay attention in history now.

We’re almost running out of records to beat. #KUbballprobs

Is it bad that whenever I get a girl’s number, I check to see if she’s on the honor roll list?

Combination of orange and body odor does not equal a pleasant scent.

Last senior home game. Let the depression set in. :( :(

Of course the next two weeks are gonna be the worst… Can spring break just come early?

A solution to the lack of a changing station: Don’t have kids. Life changes a lot when kids arrive. That was your choice.

4:12 a.m. Did my professor send that email after waking up or staying up?

Nothing says good morning like face planting into the ground while stepping off the bus.

I do not approve of your shorts-wearing behavior.

In the underground during lunch and no one wants to sit with anyone. My table! My own! My PRECIOUS!!!!

Sometimes I wonder what campus would be like if Wescoe was a parking garage like it was supposed to be.

I wish I had enough free time to take naps in the library.


I’m less concerned about a baby being changed on a table and more worried about the dangers associated with leaving a baby on a table without anything to keep it from rolling off.

It’s called a Bill Self-ie.

Anyone else feel like the buses feel relieved when they let out that “pssssss” sound at stops?

Withey block party round two?

You know you’re at KU when the sports section is bigger than the entire rest of the paper #RCJH

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