Free For All: December 6, 2012


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  • Or that awkward moment when you and your husband get mistaken for brother and sister.
  • So first contact with Vulcans is supposedly in 2063. Better get working on that warp drive, aerospace engineers!
  • I wish you could submit pictures to the FFA… Life would be so much more visually stimulating.

Victoria Secret Fashion Show.

My boyfriend is way too good for me. Don’t tell him.

Jeff Withey tweeted that he wants to marry a Victoria’s Secret model. The hopes and dreams of all the girls on campus have been crushed.

I’m now convinced the FFA editor hates engineering students… Editor’s Note: Actually, it’s the people that send in the FFAs. Good thing this is the last FFA until January.

Obviously the FFAs that don’t make it in live forever in a land of nothing and nonexsistence.

Hey music school students, last time I checked playing the clarinet doesn’t either. Sincerely, everyone else.

Babysitting my neighbor’s snake over break: trying my hand at Parceltongue.

My spirit animal is Kerry Benson.

Finals week drinking game: every time you get a question wrong, take a shot of coffee.

The only reason that I’m showing up on the last day is to give my teacher the worst evaluation ever.

I’m an enginer… Engeneer… Ingineer… I’m good at math.

I have big news! I am NOT going to be a father! HUZZAH!

Watching people Snapchat in public is my newest form of entertainment.

The FFA editor is having a lot to say lately. I like that. I like everything about you! Love me! Editor’s Note: I love you too?

Hahahahahahahaha New Orleans Pelicans.

^^ I agree with him.

So far all I’ve done to prep for finals is play my guitar and get stoned. I am the ultimate procrastinator.

My roommate asked me if you had to be Greek to be in a sorority or fraternity… SMH.

To the to be father, congrats or my condolences.

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