Hawkins: Looking back on the semester


We’ve almost completed another semester, my fellow Jayhawks. We’re almost there. Projects are almost done and exams loom in the back of our minds. As we finish strong and reflect on information we’ve learned for classes, let us also look at the big picture and things we can all take away from this semester.

A Weis Coach

OK, so maybe the football team didn’t have a winning season, but we witnessed a shift in tone of the football team. Why?

Coach Charlie Weis.

Weis spent the year building up a team. He gave them his support no matter what. Sometimes that involved tweeting about the Kansan, buying students’ tickets and providing his players with new jerseys.

Likewise, in order for projects and people we care about to succeed, they need support. Maybe the first round doesn’t go so great, maybe the second round will.

FFA Relationships

Earlier in the semester the Free For All played the elegant role of matchmaker. Cute. Poké-girl found Poké-boy. They got what they asked for. But it didn’t work.

Sometimes what started out as a good idea just doesn’t work. In the beginning stages maybe it does, but eventually it hits a road block that you just can’t overcome.

Although I don’t know the Poké-couple, I know they’ll both be fine. Some old saying about fish and the sea told me so.
Similarly, when a concept doesn’t work, find a different one. Somewhere there’s an idea that works much better than you can imagine right now. Push past the writer’s block or creative wall and find it.

How’s the Weather

In Kansas we seem to think the weather changes faster than it does in other states. I doubt it, but it has changed quite a bit this autumn. Just when you’re ready to bring out that winter coat, it’s 60 degrees outside again.

College, like the weather, has many highs and lows. We must constantly adapt. So maybe you where layers or bring a jacket just in case. As the situation changes, we create solutions that fit the problem.

Some days you won’t know what’s coming and even if you do, it’ll change in a few minutes. Be prepared for anything and everything to happen. Life, college, they’re as unpredictable as the weather.

Your Contribution to Yourself

As some of my instructors would put it, you get out what you put in. All of the hard work you put into this semester benefits you in some way. At least that’s the theory. Some classes don’t work that way. Sometimes you get a lot out of classes you hardly study for and nothing out of classes you spend the bulk of your time studying. But as a whole, the concept makes sense.

Take a look at your habits and what you’ve learned this semester. Chances are you learned this through the class you under-studied, the one you over-studied and the one you always forgot but still have a decent grade in.

We’ve reached the end of both this column and the semester. As always, more exciting adventures await you outside of these confines. Survive finals. Have a wonderful break and don’t forget the most important lessons you’ve learned this semester when we return to campus in January.

Hawkins is a junior majoring in journalism from Scranton.

Dylan Lysen is a senior from Andover majoring in journalism. Read more from .

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