Webber: Election results are not the end of the world


Today is election day. But more importantly, it’s my girlfriend’s birthday.

That’s right. After all the hours I spent bickering over economic policy in the cafeteria, shushing chatty viewers at my convention/debate watch parties and subsequently scouring Politifact.com to see which candidate lied more, ignoring my professors as I read every new poll and election update on Politico.com under the guise of “note taking,” and losing sleep over writing my quasi-political columns, I’m telling you that this election is not the end of the world. I’m celebrating today. My girlfriend is 18 now and I’m 19 and we’re going to vote together – and that’s really exciting. But then we’re going to go have dinner, complete with cake and presents, and I’m not going to focus on the election. Because some things are just more important.

I am Will’s raging hypocrisy.

To know me is to argue with me. I’ve been at the forefront of this election’s bipartisan bloodshed since Herman Cain first unveiled his Big Pizza Diplomacy and Rick Perry racked the cavernous depths of his skull to remember exactly what that third thing was. From the moment I laid eyes on the GOP’s clown car of candidates, I’ve been convinced that this election is the prophesied Mayan apocalypse, with the American people holding the fate of my beloved country in their grubby, indecisive hands. Let it be clear, I have absolutely no faith in Gov. Mitt Romney as president. But I have faith in the system and I still have faith in these United States of America.

The U.S. presidency has a term limit for a reason: sometimes, we elect the wrong person. Or sometimes we don’t elect them, but they “win” the presidency anyway. Regardless, our system ensures that no one can ruin the country for more than four years at a time without a little citizen intervention. You don’t have to support the president; in fact, it is our civic duty to question our government. But with that being said, you shouldn’t sabotage him either. Don’t waste his time with an outrageous birth certificate controversy. Don’t block every budget or piece of legislation he proposes just because he prefers donkeys to elephants, or vice-versa. Don’t pray for a negative jobs report and a stock market dip just to make him look bad. Whether Obama or Romney wins, give the president a chance to lead. Then they’ll answer to us.

In 2004, my family woke up on the first Wednesday of November with a bad case of election hangover. The reality of a third Bush term had us really worried. Dad would always jokingly threaten (I think?) to leave the country, but I guess we’re still here. And you know what? The country fell into a devastating economic collapse and came no nearer to a “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq or Afghanistan. But my parents were always resolute in maintaining our values and way of life. We worked hard. We saved our money. We weren’t hurt by the recession. And when Obama took the reins, our situation didn’t really change for better or for worse. It didn’t matter who was in office; our lives would go on because we wanted them to.

I’ve got a lot riding on this election, particularly in the health care debate. If Obama wins, I can return to my affordable and convenient blood infusion treatments by 2014. If Romney wins, we may have to set aside another $120,000 in our annual family budget. But no matter the outcome, my parents assure me that I’m taken care of and I know that my beautiful girlfriend will be there to squeeze my hand every time the IVs come out. I will not let this election, or any, run my life. I’m focusing on what’s important today.

Webber is a freshman majoring in journalism and political science from Prairie Village. Follow him on Twitter @webbgemz.

Will Webber is a sophomore majoring in journalism from Prairie Village. Read more from .

  • Updated Nov. 5, 2012 at 8:51 pm
  • http://www.facebook.com/melissa.h.wiles Melissa Herzig Wiles

    Great article, again, Will. Beautifully written.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CTNH4XST5OR52QQCWS7VK6A4BU Calvin O

    Actually I was going to say that it was biased, lacking of any fundemental knowledge of history or politics and I am sure that you will go far in journalism.
    You insulted Herman Cain. Do I take it that you are racist according to Obama rule 101. (If you disagree with a black person running for office then you can be accused of racism). I didn’t write it, the democratic party did a few years ago. Maybe you are trying to be funny (keep trying with that humor thing) but Bush only served two terms. That other Bush was a different person. As for the birth certificate go back and tell Hillary not to bring it up next time. It was her invention. As for “Mission Accomplished” and you being a freshman I will share some truth with you. That sign was put together by the Chief Petty Officers Welfare and Recreation Committee on the USS Lincoln to celebrate the end of the cruise. It was not brought with Bush, Bush did not commission it, and Bush decided after the Lincoln was on the way home to go visit. So when you repeat this story in the future (and you will being a democrat) know that you are not telling the truth.

    • Will Webber

      You seemed to overlook the part where I called myself a hypocrite, but maybe you want to tell me I’m wrong about that too.

      Also, you brought up race — not me. Read into it all you want, but I merely said it was a third Bush term. I made no mention of the same policies, but I do believe they share the same ideology. Fine, maybe W. didn’t take out his crayons and make the damn sign himself, but he did fail to resolve either of the wars that he brought us into. There will never be justification for all the money and lives lost in Iraq.

      Maybe we can blame my lack of “fund[a]mental knowledge of history or politics” on No Child Left Behind or education cuts reallocated to defense. We all deal with loss in different ways.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/CTNH4XST5OR52QQCWS7VK6A4BU Calvin O

        Why do you chose to repeat such stories if they are not true? I guess you don’t understand sarcasm. The meme of the last four years is that if you disagree with Obama then you must be racist. Too many people accept that as true. So you were making fun of Herman Cain, a successful businessman and entrepreneur though I don’t know why? Kind of like making threats against a presidential candidate. You can’t. According to Obama 101 you can’t make any disparaging comments about black presidential candidates. I wonder if that covers Congressman or if it only applies to democrats???
        The reason that we have term limits is FDR not for what you said. FDR was elected to four terms and many people, including a few democrats, thought that was a couple too many. Not that they thought he was the wrong person as you said but he had just been there too long and died in the very beginning of his fourth term.