Cheers and jeers from students watching election at Kansas Union

About 50 students were gathered in the lobby of the Kansas Union watching as Barack Obama was announced the winner of the 2012 Presidential Election last night.

Travis Young/KANSAN
Melanie Caldwell and Tiffany Aguilar, both freshmen from Kansas City, react to the poll results early in the election broadcast on CNN. The Election Watch Party was held by Student Union Activities (SUA) on the fourth floor of the Kansas Union Tuesday, Nov. 6.

When Obama reached 270 electoral votes and Wolf Blitzer of CNN announced that he was reelected, cheers erupted from many of the students in attendance.

“I voted for president Obama,” said David Gier, a sophomore from Overland Park. “It’s looking like Democrats will have majority in Senate, so we’ll see how he will be able to enact his agenda, but I’m hopeful. He accomplished a lot in his first term.”

Gier’s friends, Chris Rice, a sophomore from Overland Park and Samantha Brunker, a sophomore from Kansas City, Mo., agreed.

“I’m really happy with how the results turned out,” Rice said. “We sort of expected him to win. We did a lot of research and mapped it out.”
Brunker said she would like to see Obama focus more on social issues in his second term.

“I’d like to see more social changes, especially for abortion rights and birth control,” she said. “But I think it will be tough with the Congress.”

As state results were announced throughout the night, attendees let out cheers or booed the screen. Swing states like Iowa and Ohio elicited the most reactions, as did California, which gave Obama 55 electoral votes.

Students stood up and applauded when Ohio went to Obama at about 10:20 p.m. When it was announced that Obama was projected to win the state and its 20 electoral votes, it brought him to 274 electoral votes with Romney trailing at 201.

A few watch party attendees, like Hannah Boyd, a freshman from Derby, shook their heads in exasperation and left worried.

“I feel a little nervous. I’m not sure what Obama’s agenda is for the next four years,” Boyd said. “I’m not sure what our country will be like in the next four years. I’m anxious to see what he has planned.”

Boyd said she does not affiliate with a political party, but she supported Romney because she believes he would be better for the country economically.
Student Union Activities hosted the watch party. Students began arriving at 5 p.m. They waited in line to grab refreshments and crowded around the screen located at the west end of the fourth floor.

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  • Calvin O

    Doesn’t Mr. Gier know that the democrats already have a majority in the Senate? And they let people like him vote??? Doesn’t he know that for the first two years Obama owned it all? What happened? Why didn’t he pass everything? I don’t think Ms. Brunker knows that despite her mapping. I am curious though since abortion is legal and NO ONE ever said that contraception was going away, what kind of movement do you want to see on those issues?
    The election proves that Lincoln was right and we will find out that Jefferson was right as well.