Apps help students organize

Starting your school year off in the right direction is easier than ever with these smartphone apps. Who knows, maybe you’ll budget your finances during Biology 100 instead of reading Twitter.

1. Organization – iHomework

Although it won’t actually do your homework, the iHomework app ($1.99 in the App Store) is like an academically focused iCal, allowing you to keep track of upcoming assignments, to-do lists, teacher info, grades and more. It can manage and compile class readings with notes and related assignments, record and color-code schedules and predict your grade based on assignment grades. There’s also a reminder and list feature to store grocery lists and miscellaneous tasks.

2. Budget/finances – Mint

Effortlessly track spending and manage a budget without lifting a finger (sort of). Mint securely connects to your bank account and constantly updates your cash flow, credit debt, earnings and spending. You can set alerts if you go over budget or have a low balance, and get advice on being financially fit. It’s an excellent app to have on hand for back to school shopping trips.

3. Alarm – Rise

No longer will the struggle to slide the unlock button put a damper on your morning: Rise’s interface is sleek, simple and incredibly easy to use. Create a playlist and Rise will deejay you into a deep sleep, then wake you up using a progressive alarm with choices ranging from “Walking at Dawn” to “Dance Club Dream,” or anything from your iPod. Shake to snooze, pull the screen left or right to turn it off and start your day feeling refreshed and ready for class.

4. Fitness – Lose It

Perfect for the health-conscious gym junkie or those just trying to avoid the freshman (or sophomore, junior or senior) 15, Lose It tracks daily and weekly caloric intake and exercise levels. Set a weight goal and Lose It will tailor a calorie budget that is right for you. Adding food is as easy as scanning a barcode or finding ingredients in the app’s database of supermarket and restaurant food. Calories burned during exercise are automatically deducted from the budget, giving you one simple number to plan your diet around.

5. Local specials – RetailMeNot

Because who doesn’t love saving money? RetailMeNot searches local as well as trending deals that can be used in-store or online. Search deals from your favorite stores (Target? CVS?) and share the wealth with friends by posting coupons via Facebook or Twitter. If you’re in need of some retail therapy, the app has a lot of sweet money-saving offers for Oak Park Mall in Overland Park.

Emma LeGault is a junior from Emporia majoring in journalism. Read more from .

  • Updated Aug. 20, 2013 at 11:04 pm
  • Edited by Allison Kohn
  • MarilynRogers

    Emma, I would also like to recommend our iOS app, LifeTopix, for keeping track of your school and social calendar, nutrition, fitness, finances, to-do lists, checklists, etc. in one app — making you more efficient by leveraging the relationships between the data and eliminating the need to hop from app to app. It also includes excellent note-taking features with handwritten, audio, and text-based notes. It works with your iOS calendar, iOS reminders, Evernote, Dropbox, Google Docs, SkyDrive, and Toodledo. Device-to-device sync is also available via Dropbox. Great for a student’s budget at $4.99 with no subscription fees.