KUnited releases more platform initiatives

KUnited, a student senate coalition, has released four more platform initiatives for the 2013 campaign. Brandon Woodard, a senior from Topeka, is KUnited’s 2013 presidential candidate. Blaine Bengtson, a junior from Salina, is KUnited’s 2013 vice-presidential candidate.

New Aquatic Center at the Rec

KUnited plans to work with KU Recreation Services to begin the process of funding and building a new aquatic center. This will be an expansion of the Ambler Student Recreation Fitness Center.

Woodard said the pool at Robinson Center is underutilized and has minimal usage hours. He said this addition will be focused more on a recreational pool rather than just a lap pool.

Increased Free Printing on Campus

The ability to print wherever and whenever is crucial for creating quality work and meeting deadlines, according to a KUnited press release. KUnited plans to increase the dollar amount of free printing students receive at the beginning of each semester.

Creating a Smoke-Free Campus

KUnited plans to work with university administration to restrict smoking on campus. They will also be collaborating with Unfiltered, a student tobacco-free campus initiative. KUnited plans to set up designated smoking areas. They also plan to establish beneficial cessation services at Watkins Memorial Health Center.

Woodard said a smoke-free campus is more feasible than increasing restrictions. He said they want to encourage a healthier campus.

Full-Time LGBTQIA Coordinator

KUnited plans to secure funding to hire a full-time university coordinator. They are aiming to create a more inclusive campus for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Intersex and Asexual students.

Woodard said the university doesn’t have the full-time resources that our peer institutions have.

“It’s a necessity for students who identify with that community,” Woodard said.

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  • Edited by Allison Hammond
  • Calvin

    This is like, what, the third time in the past 6 years that KUnited as released some form of “aquatic center” as a platform? I’m still waiting for a nice dip in the last one they campaigned on.

    “Woodard said a smoke-free campus is more feasible than increasing restrictions.”

    Isn’t “smoke-free” the ultimate restriction? You can’t restrict much more than banning it.

    I can get behind the free printing. I’d prefer to see them advocate for quite the increase. If they campaign on something marginal, like five extra dollars, then they might as well not even make it a platform.

    • Ghosts of Envision

      Calvin, I think we’re seeing pretty lazy platform ideas from both sides this year. Too bad too because I thought Ad Astra might actually make a run at them.

      • pflorez3

        I’m not sure what you mean about AdAstra platforms being “lazy”. They might not have been as up-to-date a month ago when this was posted, but I think they are pretty great. Have a second look at them! http://adastraku.org/category/platforms/

    • Panther

      I think he means an across-the-board ban of smoking is much easier to adopt on campus than trying to bump up restrictions that identify acceptable smoking sectors around ku and police whether or not people are smoking there.

  • Calvin

    According to oral testimony of fee reviews in Finance committee, there is absolutely no money available for a Full-Time LGBTAQIA coordinator. In fact–what resembled this had to be cut due to funding disputes.

    Let’s build a pool and throw a pool party with all of the money we don’t have. Let’s build it next to Waktin’s health center so we can watch it slowly fall to pieces.