Harlem Shake takes Wescoe Beach

More than 200 students were spotted on Wescoe Beach enjoying the weather, cruising on skateboards, chalking the sidewalks, chatting away and wearing a variety of get-ups and costumes. They were all brought together by one common denominator, and when the beat dropped, synchronized dance chaos ensued.

The popular dance that possessed the KU men’s basketball team just days ago also called on all students of KU on Feb. 17 at 4 p.m., thanks to freshmen Alexander Delgado from Austin, Texas and Eric Bridgewater from Topeka, Kan.

What started out as 45 minutes of Harlem Shake YouTube watching in Delgado’s residence hall quickly progressed into a Facebook event with over 1,200 invitations and 203 confirmed attendees. The event then spread onto Twitter and through text messages, and hundreds of people showed up to take part in the 1981-inspired dance.

“We just invited, like, 100 people and told them to invite all of their friends and so on. Facebook did its magic, and then we were at, like, 1,000 invites,” Delgado said. “It could have been bigger, but for only four days planning, it was an awesome turnout. The location was great, and no cops showed up.”

While some students were dressed in casual attire, most were dressed in costumes, including Perry the Platypus, a milk carton, a redneck, Tigger, hamsters, Jayhawk Superman  and teddy bears. However, the costume receiving the most attention was that of Max Moore, a freshman from Gardner, Kan. Moore was dressed as an infamous Hooters girl, while also sporting bunny ears.

“The Harlem Shake is just so popular because everybody can get involved and it doesn’t take any skills to wiggle around and gyrate,” Moore said. “It took forever to get started, but it was rocking and was the best one by far. We had the most costumes and spirit in comparison to all other schools.”

  • Updated Feb. 18, 2013 at 12:14 am