KJHK to debut new mobile application

With the emergence of new multimedia platforms, it is important for media outlets to provide new technologies for their users, and this does not exclude college radio. Marc Schroeder, KJHK’s IT Director, spent the fall semester developing an iPhone app that provides KJHK media in an accessible, convenient mobile format.

“I’m a DJ, writer, and frequent surfer of KJHK content, so I am excited to connect people to KJHK’s programming and media in that new context,” Schroeder said.

With the app, users can stream live broadcasts, view the programming schedule, call the station to submit song requests without having to look up the phone number, and access articles posted on the KJHK website.

“We wanted to connect people to the articles written on KJHK,” Schroeder said.  “In the last few semesters, I have seen a lot more DJs writing more articles on the music they are passionate about, as well as several new sports podcasts that seem to have pretty vibrant followings.”

Schroeder rearranged his class schedule during the fall 2012 semester in order to schedule time for development. The weekly equivalent of time he spent working, he estimated, was approximately the time spent for a five credit hour course.

To introduce the app, KJHK will host a launch party on Wednesday, January 23, from noon to 2 p.m. in the Media Crossroads on level 4 of the Kansas Union.  The event will debut the promotional video made for the app and Schroeder will present in a “Meet the Creator” segment.  Students will also be able to directly download the app to mobile devices at the event.

The app can also be downloaded free of charge to iOS 6 enabled devices through the App Store by searching “KJHK.”

Schroeder has been the IT Director for KJHK since January 2011 and while he has completed projects such as aiding in redesigning the station’s website that launched last year, this is the first iPhone app he has created.

“I think making non-commercial, forward programming easily accessible on their mobile device is something a lot of our listeners, present and future, will see the value of,” Schroeder said.

  • Updated Jan. 22, 2013 at 8:10 pm
  • Edited by Brian Sisk