Brew: San Francisco 49ers experience trouble with players

Brew: San Francisco 49ers experience trouble with players

C incinnati Bengals coach Marvin Lewis probably slept pretty well on Sunday night. It wasn’t because of a new mattress, nor was it because of sleeping pills. No, it was because, for the first night in recent memory, his team was officially off the hook as the NFL’s most troubled extracurricular team. The San Francisco […]

Brew: Royals prospects seek to change developmental woes

Despite the fact that the Kansas City Royals recorded their first winning season since 2003 last year, it wouldn’t be unfair to say the organization has struggled for a long time, proven by the fact that they haven’t made the playoffs since 1985.  One of the most glaring issues they’ve recently had is their inability […]

Brew: One-and-dones may not be ready for the NBA

Brew: One-and-dones may not be ready for the NBA

Hotly contested at this year’s NCAA Tournament is the “one-and-done” trend. According to NCAA and NBA rules, athletes must complete one year of college before they enlist in the NBA Draft. This rule was implemented in 2006. Before that, several NBA greats have came directly out of high school before the rule was instituted. LeBron […]

Brew: NFL free agency displaces familiar faces

The NFL’s free agency period started Tuesday at 4 p.m., and it proved to be a wild first day as big names from multiple teams were released, signed and traded around the league. While this first day in free agency is no Super Bowl Sunday, the implications that stem from teams acquiring new players will […]

Brew: KU needs Tharpe to succeed in tournaments

Think of the point guard as a drama film. There are different tricks to the trade, none are exactly alike, but most viewers know a good one when they see one. “The Godfather,” “Titanic,” Kirk Hinrich, Aaron Miles. On the other hand, everyone knows a bad one when they see one. “The Last Airbender,” Stanley […]

Brew: Big 12 teams will excite fans in the tournament

While Selection Sunday is less than a week away, starting Wednesday in Kansas City, Mo., there’s something that takes larger precedent for now. The Big 12 Conference has arguably contained the most depth this season. Joe Lunardi of ESPN currently has eight Big 12 teams making the NCAA Tournament. That’s 80 percent of the league, […]

Brew: Tarik Black should leave satisfied

While many college basketball seniors are being honored throughout the week, Tarik Black, Niko Roberts and Justin Wesley will be honored and will have a chance to give a speech at one of the most historic venues in college basketball. Whether it is Justin Wesley, a redshirt senior who has been with the team for […]

Brew: Russian boxer’s life threatened by lack of ringside precautions

Russian boxer Magomed Abdusalamov was 18-0. Undefeated, the victories all by knockout. Now Mago, as he is known to family and friends, lies in a rehabilitation center in upstate New York in a medically induced coma. The doctors say Mago will very likely never walk or talk again, let alone enter another boxing ring. On […]

Brew: MLB looks to permanently limit home plate collisions

This past Monday, Major League Baseball instated an experimental rule limiting (but not banning) home-plate collisions. Umpires have already begun to implement the new rule in this week’s spring training contests. Rule 7.13 states “a runner attempting to score may not deviate from his direct pathway to the plate in order to initiate contact with […]

Brew: Wichita St. needs to keep up momentum to finish strong

The Wichita State Shockers recently hit the record books when they became the first Division I men’s team to go 30-0 in a regular season after defeating Bradley on Tuesday. But fans are not shy of discussing Wichita State’s soft schedule anytime the Shockers’ success is mentioned. But let’s not ignore the fact that Wichita […]

Brew: Kansas’ conference streak outshines other teams’ accomplishments

With the win against Oklahoma on Big Monday, Kansas clinched its 10th straight Big 12 conference championship. In the past 10 years, there have been more conference championships than losses at Allen Fieldhouse. Even though Kansas has asserted its “decade of dominance” over the past 10 years and is the birthplace of basketball, other programs […]

Brew: NFL combine highlights demonstrate unnecessary reporting

Have you ever felt the urge to watch grown men run 40 yards in a straight line and then stop? What about seeing them scramble around three miniature traffic cones repeatedly? If you answered “yes” to either question, NFL Network’s current coverage of the NFL Scouting Combine may be for you. For the rest of […]

Brew: Miami Dolphins controversy comes to an end

How often do team locker rooms become the lead, the point of discussion for the media? For the Miami Dolphins, it’s been one of the most discussed sports stories among the media since early November, and the story has hit rock bottom recently. It all started when left tackle Jonathan Martin departed from the team […]

Brew: NBA All-Star weekend lacked excitement

Ben McLemore entered the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans before his first dunk of the knockout stage, dressed in a lavish purple robe on top of his jersey. But, McLemore was not alone. He was accompanied by part-owner of the Sacramento Kings, Shaquille O’Neal. After Shaq unveiled his new, “Shaqlemore” jersey, he proceeded to […]

Brew: Weis grabs more talent late in recruiting season

Things did not look particularly good midway through the 2014 recruiting season for Kansas football. Three front-line players, running back Traevohn Wrench, linebacker Kyron Watson and center Jacob Bragg, gave reason for optimism with their early verbals, but then the well ran dry for quite a while. By Dec. 1, Kansas had only secured eight […]

Brew: Sochi Olympics fail to impress

The numbers are in: the Sochi Olympics viewership ratings are historically low, and it may go down as the least watched Olympics in recent memory. Only the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics compares with this years olympiad’s paltry viewership. It’s not surprising to anybody who’s attempted to sit through strings of uninteresting events that lack compelling […]