Brew: College football attendance can benefit from Sporting KC's marketing strategy

Brew: College football attendance can benefit from Sporting KC’s marketing strategy

The Wall Street Journal published a story this past week that has somewhat gone untold until now — how multiple schools in major college football conferences reached out to Major League Soccer club Sporting Kansas City for help with marketing strategies. It’s not surprising considering the success of Sporting’s marketing tactics. Since rebranding in 2010 […]

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Brew: Media coverage causes NFL Draft to last longer than necessary

T he NFL Draft is the most covered draft by sports media outlets, and it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. The NFL simply sells, and the ratings of each Super Bowl is proof of that. But is all of this NFL Draft coverage necessary? Do we really need to split the draft up into […]

Brew: Kevin Durant wins MVP after years of success

I t’s been a long time coming for Kevin Durant. For a player who has been named NBA All-Rookie First Team (2008), NBA Rookie of the Year (2008), NBA Rookie Challenge MVP (2009), All-NBA First Team (2010-2013), NBA All-Star (2010-2014) NBA All-Star Game MVP (2012) and NBA scoring champion (2010-2014), you would think he would […]

Brew: Anticipation of Chiefs draft picks ends Thursday with NFL draft

It’s finally here. Since the Super Bowl concluded with the Seahawks rout of the Broncos on Feb. 2, football fans have endured three months of combines, pro days and never-ending analysis from the “draft experts” on ESPN and other sports sources. The attention to the draft has been constant, repetitive (we get it, Clowney is […]

Brew: California Chrome becomes unexpected winner of Kentucky Derby

The 140th Kentucky Derby took place at Churchill Downs this past weekend. Before the race, many of the veteran horsemen doubted California Chrome’s potential, even though he was the favorite to win the race. The veteran horsemen had their doubts because California Chrome hadn’t raced on a big stage outside of California. They also couldn’t […]

Brew: Kansas will do just fine without Myles Turner

Highly touted recruit Myles Turner solidified his college decision on Wednesday, choosing the University of Texas. This surprised many Kansas fans, as it was projected that the 6-foot-10 center would land in Lawrence. Even though it’s not ideal to lose a recruit to a school that’s in the same conference, Kansas will be OK without […]

Brew: NBA bans Donald Sterling after racist remarks

  N BA commissioner Adam Silver dropped the hammer on Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling after allegations of Sterling making racist comments in a recorded conversation. Sterling has been banned for life by the NBA and has been fined $2.5 million for the comments. The conversation was between Sterling and his girlfriend V. Stiviano. […]

Brew: Saints making amends for past mistakes

  W hen thinking about the New Orleans Saints, other than thinking about Drew Brees, negative things can come to mind. In one instance in particular, several defensive players for the organization were paid out “non-contract bonuses” or “bounties” for their in-game performances during the 2009 through 2011 seasons. In 2012, the NFL stated that […]

Brew: Clippers owner allegedly makes racist comments

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling is the center of attention after allegedly making racist remarks about African Americans, more specifically, targeting former NBA player Magic Johnson.  The nine-minute conversation is supposedly between Sterling and his girlfriend. It was posted on TMZ’s website and went viral overnight on Friday and into Saturday morning. Sterling said […]

Brew: Oldest former MLB player leaves lasting legacy

  T hinking about the oldest things in baseball, Fenway Park and Wrigley Field come to mind. Fenway Park and Wrigley Field are 102 and 100 years old, respectively. What’s older than Fenway and Wrigley? Conrado “Connie” Marrero was. Marrero was the oldest former Major League Baseball player alive as of April 23 this year. […]

Brew: Oakland A’s overcome low payroll, bring success

The Oakland Athletics have quietly been one of the best stories in baseball over the past couple of seasons. Arguably the least recognized of the five clubs California has to its name, the A’s are the only team from the Golden State to win their division in each of the past two seasons. Off to […]

Brew: Moose and the Royals swing their way to five-game streak

Brew: Moose and the Royals swing their way to five-game streak

The Moose is loose. At least that’s what it seems as of late. The Kansas City Royals’ third baseman Mike Moustakas is one of the main reasons for the Royals’ recent success, including a five-game win streak, which ended on Sunday. The Royals have since lost two consecutive games. It took six games and 24 […]

Brew: 2014 season doesn’t look promising for Chiefs

After an uplifting 11-win season from the Kansas City Chiefs in 2013, the team’s offseason activity, or lack for thereof, shows no sign of promise this year. The Chiefs lost eight starters on offense, defense and special teams so far in free agency. Two Pro Bowlers are included among the eight the Chiefs were unable […]

Brew: Michael Phelps returns from retirement

The legend is back. It’s not going to be like the past Olympics, but regardless, Michael Phelps is back. On Monday an announcement was released stating that Phelps was re-entering competition, after he had been retired from swimming for over a year. The announcement didn’t surprise some, as Phelps had entered the drug testing pool […]

Brew: San Francisco 49ers experience trouble with players

C incinnati Bengals coach Marvin Lewis probably slept pretty well on Sunday night. It wasn’t because of a new mattress, nor was it because of sleeping pills. No, it was because, for the first night in recent memory, his team was officially off the hook as the NFL’s most troubled extracurricular team. The San Francisco […]

Brew: Royals need to justify increased prices, expectations

Into the heart of April, baseball has officially begun. With that, expectations for the Kansas City Royals have vastly increased for the year of 2014. No longer the bottom feeders of Major League Baseball, the Royals are expected to compete this year and realistically have a shot at the postseason for the first time since […]