Student Senate vice president will run for president in 2013

For the first time in KUnited history, the current vice president will run for student body president on the coalition’s ticket in 2013.

Brandon Woodard, a Topeka senior studying political science, was announced as the presidential candidate by KUnited yesterday.

“Serving as vice president this year, I have the experience and know-how,” Woodard said. “I know how KUnited operates.”

Blaine Bengtson, a Salina junior, will serve as the vice presidential candidate. Bengston directed the new game day recycling program Recycle & Blue, KU.

Woodard said the recycling program and senate’s current work to establish a Spanish minor are two of the changes he is most proud of this year.

KUnited is the first student coalition to announce its candidates for Student Senate elections in April.

The coalition will decide next year’s platform during its spring meetings.

“I, as a student, have ideas I’m passionate about, but we get ideas from the coalition,” Woodard said.

The KUnited coalition was established 19 years ago and has won 18 of the past 19 elections.

  • Updated Dec. 4, 2012 at 10:25 am
  • Edited by Emma McElhaney
  • Roher

    Does no one care he got a DUI? Three people weren’t critically injured from a drunk driver this semester, no big deal.

    • fiddleback

      Plus he can’t even manage to put a tie on straight when he’s (presumably) sober. Plus that fratty good ol’ boy smirk. Seriously, KU, is this the best we can do? Oh I forgot; you’re dominated by such types. Thanks, Greek system.

  • Seth

    I think she meant to say it was established 19 years ago…

  • Klove

    I don’t understand why other members of the KUnited coalition didn’t get a voice in who their nominee would be. They should have had a nomination meeting like they usually do.

  • jayhawk222

    The fact that he got a DUI should disqualify him immediately. I agree with Roher. Drinking and driving is a serious offense. The student body president should be a role model for the student body, not someone who makes selfish, immature decisions and puts the lives of others at risk with their own stupidity. I don’t understand how KUnited could stand by such a nominee. Whatever credibility the organization had in my eyes is now completely vanished. No one can respect a group that makes decisions like that.

    Also, can we talk about how KUnited self-anoints each nominee? This is a terrible process and one that should end. This is an example of people being power hungry and egotistical. In this case, it went too far and now they’ve picked probably the worst nominee imaginable. He should have been removed from office after the DUI.

  • LOL

    He has yet to be convicted.

  • Truth

    It is sad that our Student Senate has become an appointed entity within our University. Last year KUnited lacked true competition, and I fear that this year will be no different. I encourage leaders out their to begin planning now to take down this coalition that has lost its edge. A DUI is one thing, a bad thing nonetheless, but it should not be the main reason we seek to disqualify him. We should seek new passionate and born leaders on this campus. Student Senate this year has played a nonexistent role. I attended a meeting in which the President and VP gave a speech/announcement. The President lacked quality speaking skills while the VP, now running for the head position, stood behind and merrily nodded his head. I cannot say this is the leadership I seek at such a tradition rich University. I in no means seek to attack Brandon and/or our current President, but I think it is well know that the positions were simply handed off to them, and we cannot afford for this process to keep continuing.

    • MsTigs

      Not sure why all of this matters now. If anyone really cared, they would have voted in last years election regardless of the competition. This year won’t be any different, and no one is going to vote again. I didn’t know who the student body president was until I read this article because I don’t care. If you want to make a change, start your own coalition. Hiding behind the username “truth” and having existential ideas about student senate isn’t getting anyone anywhere.

      Also are you in 3rd grade because you don’t know the difference between their and there.

      It’s basketball season anyway.

      • Truth

        Ha, glad you could bring some philosophy to the table. Existential, big word, and nobody can quite clearly define it. But it is thought to talk about the times being simple, and as my post states, things are too simple right now. The presidency is simply being handed off from one KUnited person to the next.

        You obviously care, taking the time to read the article, read the comments and then make your own post.

        P.S. If you really want to get in a grammar battle, I learned possession before the use of their vs. there, and it should read “last year’s election.”

        I’m just agreeing with the posts before mine. I’m not a fan of this nomination.

  • Guest

    Ad Astra: The Opposition Coalition. Think about it.

  • Guest

    Here’s the link for the facebook page of Ad Astra: The Opposition Coalition.

    Like it to stay in the know of how you can help fight for better representation in your student government.