KU students sell home game football tickets on Facebook

The football season has some students selling their own tickets for upcoming games for as little as $5.

A Facebook group, called “Free and For Sale” has dozens of students who post every day, selling their student tickets to the remaining home football games.

Early in the season, several students sold their TCU tickets for $10. But after the loss to TCU, ticket prices dropped on the group’s page. A few OSU student tickets sold for $8. A couple of days later, tickets for the same game had dropped to $5.

Students who listed their tickets for $7 or more received few, if any offers. For remaining home games, student tickets are available for $10 at the door.
Kathryn Smithson, a junior from Stilwell, Kan., said she usually works during home games, so selling her tickets, even for a small price, was appealing.

“It’s difficult to keep your ticket if you can make a little money when you know the team will probably lose,” Smithson said.

The Jayhawks have lost six straight games after winning the season opener against South Dakota State on Sept. 1. Since 2010, KU has a 6-25 record.
The University’s student sports combo package costs $150 for all home football and basketball games.

“The sports combo is a great deal, but I bet the University would have increased sales if they divided up the sports combo into football and basketball,” Smithson said. “As much as I love KU and all of our amazing sports, basketball is definitely why I buy the sports combo.”

Over the past few weeks on the Facebook page, more than 20 students have sold their tickets below the original face value. However, there are still students who will hang onto the rest of their tickets and most likely stay past halftime.

Kori Nicole Gomez, a freshman from Wichita, has attended all home games this season and plans to attend the final two home games. She said she will purchase the sports combo package next year.

“The only thing I would add to the package is maybe involving other sports in it, even though that might make the price go up,” Gomez said.
Logan Zane, a freshman from Wichita, said he also plans on attending the remaining games.

“A lot of people don’t support a team unless they are winning. I don’t understand it at all,” Zane said. “Win or lose you should be proud to be a Jayhawk and proud of the guys going out on that field representing you. To Charlie Weis and the football team: I am proud to be there every week and see you guys get through this transition time.”

  • Updated Oct. 31, 2012 at 7:16 pm
  • Edited by Allison Kohn
  • allie0x0

    I wanted to sell my tickets to the football games, but my parents said they would stop paying my tuition if I skipped any games. They got really mad. It was kinda weird but haha ROCK CHALK!