Black Student Union crowns homecoming king and queen tonight

Sierra Franklin and Will Nelson were named queen and king of the Realign and Shine Black Student Union (BSU) annual Homecoming Pageant.

The pageant was held in Woodruff Auditorium at 7:30 last night. Candidates were judged on spirit, essays read during the pageant, and their answers during the Q-and-A section.

During the essay category, both the crowned queen and king spoke on the topic of beauty.

Franklin, a junior from Wichita, spoke about her insecurities as a child, and how her perception of beauty has changed.

“I see beauty as the strength to overcome obstacles,” she said. “My confidence is what makes me beautiful.”

Nelson, a senior from Kansas City, Kan., spoke about the imperfection of beauty.

“When you see past flaws, you can see beauty in its truest and most divine form,” he said.

Katherine Johnson, a sophomore from Shawnee and Ryan Evans, a sophomore from Overland Park, were named princess and prince.

Two students ran for prince, two for princess, two for queen and three for king. All candidates were members of BSU.

Franklin and Nelson will represent the BSU during the homecoming parade on Friday.

Before the pageant began, Dorthy Pennington, associate professor in African and African American Studies, gave a brief history of the BSU.

“In 1969, there was a black homecoming queen who was crowned to represent the black students, along with a white homecoming queen who represented the student body in general,” Pennington said. “The queen contest idea was discontinued, so what we have tonight is a pageant that is a throwback to those years.”

  • Updated Oct. 22, 2012 at 10:30 pm
  • Edited by Luke Ranker