Big changes at The University Daily Kansan

You’ll notice some changes in The University Daily Kansan this semester.

The most obvious may be the redesign of the student paper’s website, The new look is completely different, with more interactive features — including the Free For All, which is now online.

And, because more students are getting their news online rather than in print, the Kansan has cut the Friday print edition and Jayplay.

The Kansan will continue to publish online and through social media throughout the week, so readers can expect new stories every day. And to pick up the slack, the Thursday print edition has expanded to get students ready for the weekend — which everybody knows starts on Thursday anyway. It’s no surprise that Friday’s paper has long been the least read of the week. The Kansan is focusing its efforts on the new media: Facebook and Twitter.

And in print, Thursday’s paper will feature Larryville KU Weekend, a special pull-out guide with feature stories on the fun parts of college life, as well as drink specials and an event calendar.

The redesigned website is a collaboration of web developers Tim Shedor and Andres Cruz, along with the Kansan’s advertising and news staffs.

The Kansan’s online content is available at, the University Daily Kansan Facebook page, and the Twitter accounts @UDK_News, @UDK_Sports and @UDK_Opinion.

  • Updated Aug. 22, 2012 at 11:58 pm
  • jaykrall


    Sounds like the Kansan is doing a great job of evolving with the changing needs and habits of students. The online redesign looks great. Best of luck this semester.

    Jay Krall
    Kansan editor, fall 2002