Princeton Review rates University Daily Kansan as 6th best college newspaper

The University Daily Kansan is the sixth-best college newspaper in the country, according to this year’s Princeton Review surveys.

The Princeton Review ranks Universities across the country in a wide variety of categories, from academics to the quality of student life.

Penn State’s Daily Collegian topped the list at No.1. Student papers at UNC Chapel Hill, Yale, Brown, and University of Wisconsin-Madison followed. Student papers at major journalism schools like the University of Missouri, Columbia University, and University of Southern California were missing entirely from the list.

The University also made the top 20 for its college radio and its sports.

KJHK, the University’s student-run radio, ranked at No.16, and the University was listed at the No. 12 “Jock School,” in the country, topping Kansas State, which was listed at No. 14.

The Princeton Review lists don’t say much about why the schools were chosen, but the Daily Collegian at Penn State was reporting from the center of a huge controversy last year over the firing of former football coach Joe Paterno and the prosecution of former coach Jerry Sandusky for sexual abuse.

As for the University Daily Kansan, it unveiled a redesigned website,, this year.

— Ian Cummings

  • Updated Aug. 21, 2012 at 9:35 pm
  • Jeff Browne

    Congratulations to Mr. Cummings and the newsroom, Mr. Schlitt and the sales staff, and to Mr. Gibson and everyone else at the UDK.