Introducing the all new

Two publications, two views

Change it up a bit. This feature is still a baby, so it has room to grow.

Introducing the first HTML5/JS PDF flipbook.

Read nearly every issue since 2003


Just like the corners of a book, the edges of each issue are draggable, revealing the next page.


Hold and drag or touch-swipe the pages from left to right and back again


Navigate, zoom, share, and change views right from the toolbar. If you get stuck, click the question mark.


No Flash means the latest Kansan can be read on iOS, Android and other mobile devices.

Free for All, now online

The obscenely popular print staple is now available at all waking hours of the day. Powered by Livefyre and creativity, even Facebook and Twitter posts linking the FFA page will aggregate (pending your permission, of course).

Your Kansan, your news

This isn't your momma's website. Set your favorite sections on the homepage so that the stories you want to read aren't buried beneath some other rubbish.

Your words, your profile

The new Disqus-powered comment system supports logins from Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, OpenID and Google, because really, who wants another account to keep track of. The system also tracks social media responses, allows on-the-fly reorganization and sports site stats. If you were a prolific commenter on the old site, contact us and we'll do our best to match you to your old account.

Take a step back

Relive the '08 championship. The victorious final Border War. Snowmageddon, 2011. Choose from one of our recommended dates or put in your own.

Section Sneak Peak

Instead of clicking yet another link, hover over any link in the menu bar and the last seven stories from each section slip into view.

A fresh look for an old story

The pages are wider, but the posts are slimer. That means more content with less distractions. Oxymoronic, we know, but hear us out: articles don't run from end-to-end of the webpage, allowing for faster digest. At the same time, we expanded our borders by 110px, so even more information is instantly available without clicking through links.

Resize your browser, I dare you

Take with you on tablet, mobile or desktop. I don't care if you're on an iMac or a Droid, you'll still get the Kansan in a legible, optimized-for-your-device format.
If native is your thing, download the iOS and Android app.

Still here?

Like that moment at the end of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, I'm going to tell you to shoo and enjoy the day, but secretly, I'm glad you've made it this far. There are some subtle new features that aren't as cool or as useful as the ones listed above, but please, allow me to entertain you.


Current Lawrence conditions, with lovely accompanying icons. Weather data couresty of World Weather Online, appearing at the top right of every page.


A slicker way to browse the work of our ace-photogs. Thumbnail previews, floating captions, elastic transitions. I wish Fancybox had always been in our repetorie.

Print, To Go

Print view now available by clicking the print icon on the left of most story pages. Take the page to go using the easy-to-access mobile link just below that print icon.


Browse the results of the last athletic events we covered in a sweet sidebar table. This feature is coming soon, as no official games have been covered yet for 2012.


Share to an even more networks - including the ones you've never heard of. Powered by ShareThis.


On top of all this, the entire site looks different. Andres Cruz laid down the mortar and I stacked the bricks.

Design scheme by Andrés Rivas-Cruz


The open-source movement is a wonderful thing. The Bootstrap community, jQuery team, SASS team, and community, jQuery cookie, jQuery Easing, jQuery UI, jQuery Joyride, jQuery transform, jQuery BlockUI, MediaElement.js, iScroll.js, Scribd, booklet.js, hoverIntent.js, html5shiv, ie7.js, the StackOverflow community, Icomoon and Entypo/Font Awesome/Iconic/Typicons/Modern Pictograms/Web Symbols, Adobe for Source Sans Pro, Steve Matteson for Open Sans Condensed, Sequel Pro, Cyberduck and Google Chrome.
Also, thanks Mom, Dad and Kristen.


That's that. For those familiar with our old website, a redesign was necesssary, and long overdue. I hope this site, and all it's bells and whistles, is something more than just a pretty face (or an ugly one, if you're particularly nasty). I won't get wishy-washy about my ideals, but if you think this new design is bogus and have a better idea, contact me or follow the development of this site and add your feedback on our Trello board.

Additionally, if you're having trouble finding content from our old site on this new one, or would like to report a bug or non-grammatical error, please, please drop a line on the contact page or add a comment below.

I hope you enjoy this site. Putting it together was a task neither simple nor sexy, but damn, I'm glad it's live. Stay tuned, because this is only the overture.