Cultures communicate through fashion show during SUA event

Tonight, the “universal language” of fashion will be on full display, along with multicultural foods, traditions and entertainment, in the second annual World Fashion Show. The outfits displayed will include traditional garments and modern twists on the customary wear.

The World Fashion Show is held by the Student Union Activities (SUA) Cultural Programming committee to inform University students of cultural diversity on campus and is co-sponsored by the Center for Global and International Studies.

“We aim to offer a variety of events that will bring together the students of KU to celebrate and spark conversations about cultural awareness,” said Kailee Karr, SUA Cultural Programming committee assistant coordinator. “This event, specifically, is also designed to showcase culturally focused groups and students around campus in a beautiful display of world fashion and traditions.”

The committee has worked on this event in particular for over six months.  A number of student organizations will also participate in the festivities — the First Nations Student Association will feature a musical duet and a traditional Chinese pianist, and the Arab Student Union and KU Jeeva Bollywood Dance Group will each perform dances.

“We are participating in order to spread the word about our team and the way that our culture is incorporated into our dance,” said Karishma Khetani, captain of the nationally competitive KU Jeeva Bollywood Dance Group.

Other participating cultural organizations include the Paraguayan Student Association, Hispanic American Leadership Association and the Chinese Students and Scholars Friendship Organization. In addition, three graduate students from Japan, Kazakhstan and Pakistan are involved.

Audience members of the World Fashion Show will join a diverse, student-led event that showcases countries all over the world, while celebrating cultures and talents.

Global Awareness Program (GAP) credit is available through the attendance of the event as well. This event will begin in the Kansas Union Ballroom at 7 p.m.

  • Updated Nov. 13, 2013 at 3:17 am
  • Edited by Kayla Overbey