New York Fashion Week features updated 2012 trends

Last week, the Big Apple hosted its annual New York Fashion Week events to show off upcoming clothing trends for the fall and winter seasons. Most trends from 2012 are so loved that designers are keeping them around for another year. Keep any leather, velvet, plaid or floral pieces you’ve got, as they were hot trends on New York’s runways last week.

Bravo’s reality TV star and stylist-turned-designer Rachel Zoe had an equestrian- and 1970s-themed line. Critics described Zoe’s line as more mature than previous collections, with refined pieces and leather on almost every look. A common piece seen on runways that Zoe also had? The unexpected sweatshirt.

Velvet was also seen in both Marc Jacobs’ and Ralph Lauren’s collections. The fabric was seen in reds, pinks and greens. Lauren included the fabric on maxi skirts, gowns and jacket detailing. Jacobs’ show’s inspiration was rumored to be centered around the “walk of shame,” with scantily clad models showing off major skin.

Other trends seen on several runways were plaid, baroque patterns and floral prints. Cape-like jackets were another repeat, as were platform-less pumps and boots. Footwear is a key way to stay fashion-forward this year. Tom Ford and Alexander Wang stuck to the Roman gladiator theme and used knee-high styles on their footwear.

Also seen frequently were see-through accessories. Burberry, Chanel and Givenchy all included this trend in their purses and shoes for later this year. Versace kept fringe jewelry around for another season in its line, as did Nina Ricci. Heavy metal jewelry and black and white prints are also here to stay. Newer looks include gypsy-themed styles, large totes, oversized edgy shades and thick-heeled shoes.

Fall and Winter 2013 designs include something old and something new. Keep your clothing styles from last year, but be sure to update your footwear, handbags and other accessories. The biggest changes are taking place in the smaller parts of outfits for the end of this year.

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  • Updated Feb. 18, 2013 at 11:59 pm
  • Edited by Madison Schultz