Reilly: Fashion doesn’t stop at clothes

Fashion isn’t just about clothes. It’s makeup and hair, too. An outfit isn’t complete without the perfect final touches.

Because your face is the first thing people notice about you — well, hopefully, anyway — makeup is crucial. The cardinal rule for makeup that every gal should follow is one simple step: Keep it clean. Ditch the messy eyeliner and orange tones that haunt the faces of girls everywhere. You make think you blended that bronzer deceivingly, but you’re not fooling anyone. Say goodbye the spray tans and tanning booths and go for a more natural look. Orange may have been a hot color earlier this year, but that was actually just meant for clothing.

A clean and natural base allows for some fun to be had in the eye and lip department. Harper’s Bazaar experts noted that 2013 runway cosmetic trends included green and blue eyeshadows, glowing skin, and cat eyeliner. More good news: Lipstick is here to stay. If you haven’t tried this daring look yet, I urge you to make it your New Year’s resolution. Use a matching lip liner to keep the color in place, especially on drunken nights. As for glowing skin, the contouring method is the hot new trend being used by tons of celebrities right now. Instructions and how-to’s are all over the web.

For 2013 hair, simplicity is again your best friend. Sleek low ponytails and buns, top knots, as well as subtle waves are all fashion-approved options for lovely locks. Styles to avoid are the dreaded poof, half-up styles, and braided side bangs. Pulling side-parted hair back into twists or braids is so high school, and really youthful looking. Youthful in a playground kind of way, that is.

Another way to spice up your hair is by switching up the way you part it. While many stray from parting their hair down the middle, the fashion forward option tops MSN’s list of “Hairstyles that Never Go Out of Style.”

Other fun hairstyle options include ombre and peek-a-boo coloring. Be careful with ombre dye jobs if you have dark hair. Often when attempting to lighten the ends, it turns out looking mustardy yellow. A more subtle transition will prevent this bad hair nightmare. As for adding pops of bright colors on your ends, drugstores offer temporary coloring gels that come out with shampoo. Chalk is another option for lighter hair colors; just color or apply gel to ponytails, buns or ends for a fun yet chic look.

  • Updated Dec. 5, 2012 at 8:20 pm
  • Edited by Sarah McCabe
  • AllieXoX

    Before reading this article, I always wondered what was in the ‘Cosmetics’ section of CVS or Walgreens. Now I know what they are and what to do with them. They’re like clothes for your face! haha.