Students test new Windows 8 software

“Swipe, tap, click, and zoom!”

That is how Microsoft describes the new Windows 8 software. The software, which was released Oct. 26, has caught student’s attention in the Kansas Union this past week. A company called Campus Entertainment has been hosting the Windows 8 Event in the Union since Monday.

Users can experience Windows 8 through two different devices: an Acer Aspire and the new Windows Surface Tablet. Both devices allow the user to navigate through touch and the use of a keyboard.

“I like how the apps are just there and you just have to touch them,” Krystal Stone of Lawrence said. “You don’t have to use the mouse to get over to where you need to go.”

The biggest and most noticeable feature is the start screen. It takes the place of the regular desktop view and is made up of tiles. Each of the tiles can be customized, and connected to other users, apps, websites, playlists, and other forms of social media. The standard Windows desktop view is still available.

“My favorite feature is having the dashboard. It reminds me of the Xbox dashboard,” Shane Sleeper, a Windows 8 Tour Promoter, said.  “I myself am kind of old school so having the desktop option and the dashboard option helps me out, because you get the new but still get to keep the old.”

Microsoft is hoping these changes will influence the way users experience Windows.

“With a new program, like Windows 8, it kind of gives the best of both worlds, having a desktop version and a tablet version, and unlike competitors it is a lot more affordable.” Sleeper said.

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  • Updated Nov. 2, 2012 at 1:58 pm
  • Edited by Allison Kohn