Kansas fan Paul Rudd promotes ‘Anchorman 2′ with Q&A

When the University of Kansas was called on to ask a question, “Anchorman 2″ actor and Jayhawk enthusiast Paul Rudd shouted, “Yeah! Yes!” before the question was asked. The Kansan participated in a College Media conference call with Rudd and his co-star Steve Carell. Below are some questions and answers Rudd and Carell.

What do you think about this young crop of Kansas basketball players and, in particular, Andrew Wiggins?

Paul Rudd: I’m so, so psyched he’s on our team for one year. I can’t wait. I love Bill Self, I love Jayhawk basketball, and I’m totally jazzed to watch the season. I think some NBA teams are already trying to tank to get (Wiggins)… Looking at you, Philadelphia 76ers.

What’s your favorite part about your characters?

Carell: I love the innate intelligence of Brick. The sort of counterintuitive quality of his character.

Rudd: I like his musky, sexualized idiocy.

Do you have any advice for picking up women?

Carell: Brick has trouble putting a sentence together.

Rudd: Drop the cologne. No one likes it. Use your own natural musk, which will bring the ladies in.

Carell: You have to open your heart and open your ear, and you have to listen and appreciation the woman you’re with.

How much of the movie was improvised?

Carell: The script was in great shape. We did a table read of the script before we shot, it was hilarious. We had that as a starting point, but on any given day, we or Adam (McKay) or Will (Ferrell) would come up with as much material as was on the pages.

What line from your movies to people say to you most often?

Carell: I love lamp.

Rudd: Slap the bass, now. In the last year that seems to be the one more than others.

How difficult was it to get back in character?

Rudd: At times, it didn’t seem difficult at all. I felt like we know these characters pretty well. Throughout shooting, there were moments I thought, ‘Oh God, am I doing this right?’

Carell: The more lost I felt, the better that serves me.

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