Australian band Atlas Genius’ album released today

Atlas Genius, an indie rock band from Adelaide, Australia, released its debut full-length album today. This band of brothers from down under consists of Keith (vocals/guitar), Michael (drums) and Steven Jeffery (bass), as well as Darren Sell (keyboard). The name of the band comes from the fact that two of the members have incredible map-reading skills.

The band’s first EP, titled “Through the Glass,” was released last June and included its hit single “Trojans.” The single was the first song that the foursome wrote, recorded and produced in their studio. Michael felt that since they all had a lot of ideas for songs, “it was important for us to have our own studio where we could experiment and hone in on our sound.”

According to the band’s bio, they all “devoted their days to constructing their dream studio and spent their nights performing songs by The Police, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones at local pubs to pay the bills.”

Soon enough, the offers started rolling in. Several record labels expressed their interest in signing the band. In order to make their decision, a trip to America became necessary. Last April, the band signed with Warner Bros. Records.

“We felt a connection with them,” Keith said in the band’s bio. “Everyone there feels very creative and dedicated to the music.”

Realizing that the music industry is a hard one to break into, the band originally never expected much to come of its music. Just a few years ago, their main focus was on their studies and work. After the success of just one song though, they could sense they were onto something that deserved more time and attention.

Keith expressed his changed perspective on the band’s bio.

“Knowing we had this audience that was waiting on new songs, we had a much greater sense of purpose than we had before,” Keith said. “It was really exciting to know that there were people who wanted to hear more of our music.”

The new album, titled “When It Was Now,” is currently available and can be purchased on iTunes or the band’s website as a CD or digital album.

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  • Updated Feb. 18, 2013 at 6:24 pm
  • Edited by Paige Lytle