Voting determines fate for a Monopoly piece

Monopoly players everywhere can prepare themselves to say goodbye to one classic token for good.

Hasbro launched a Facebook application that allows users to vote for their favorite existing game piece by giving them a ‘get out of jail’ pass. The piece with the lowest amount of votes will then be dismissed from future versions of the board game.

“It was kind of shocking because the monopoly pieces have been a staple of the game for such a long time,” said Clinton Webb, a freshman from Leawood.

Monopoly is a game that many associate as a favorite pastime. Tori Wheeler, a junior from Olathe, remembers playing the game at a young age where it was hard to stay entertained by the long game, and that is when she grew attached to the Scottie dog piece.

“When it was my turn, I put a leftover piece that no one was using as my place holder and pretended Scottie was my dog and took him on walks around the board,” Wheeler said.

The Facebook application provides case files for each ‘inmate’ presented in the form of the prosecution and defense. Users can read pros and cons about all the tokens. Wheeler was disappointed at first by the news, but her opinion changed after visiting the voting poll.

“I didn’t want them to change something from my childhood,” Wheeler said. “Then, when I actually thought about the different pieces they had, like the wheelbarrow, I remembered that maybe some of them needed to be retired.”

Jonathan Berkowitz, vice president of marketing for Hasbro Gaming, agrees that some of the pieces are outdated.

“The tokens that are in the game today represent household items from the 1930s when the game was first introduced,” Berkowitz said. “We wanted to introduce a new token to the game that’s more representative of today’s Monopoly players. An online vote seemed the best way to involve Monopoly fans in the process. One of the classic tokens will be retired for good, and a new token will takes its place, truly changing the game forever. The vote allows us to give fans a chance to rally behind their favorite token.”

There is a leaderboard to show the tokens’ standings. Voters seem to favor the Scottie dog, followed by the race car, while the wheelbarrow and iron struggle for recognition.

“I feel like the iron and the wheelbarrow are kind of bland,” Webb said. “I know I never played with them because they weren’t exactly cool.”

The new options include a robot, a diamond ring, a cat, a helicopter or a guitar. The cat grabbed Wheeler’s attention right away.

“I am a cat person and always wished they had one to balance with the Scottie dog piece,” she said. “I really hope it wins.”

Voting closes today, and the results are to be announced the following day. Visit here to keep your favorite token out of jail.

  • Updated Feb. 7, 2013 at 11:57 am
  • Edited by Jordan Wisdom