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  • pedantic jayhawk

    You guys did a really great job with the new website! It looks awesome.

    I did notice a couple of things though. The “New” banner covers up the About and Contact menu items, and I’m unable to click on those items because of it.

    Additionally, I would suggest moving the main menu items down if possible because the moving features (UDK Mobile, Larryville) that show up on the main page cover up the menu items a bit. Finally, when I tried to click on UDK Mobile and that third moving item, I was taken to Larryville. Not sure if that’s how it was meant to work.

    I don’t mean to be negative, I swear. I was a copy chief at the Kansan so I tend to be nitpicky. It really does look great. Best of luck with the semester!

    P.S. When I tried to leave a comment in the message space above, it didn’t go through.

    • kansandev

      Thanks. I think I’ve repaired the banner so that it’s much narrower and only appears on the homepage.

      As for the other features, I assume your screen size is <13", so I've added a new style to target the positioning on those screen widths. It looks good on this end, but please let me know if it's still faulty.

      If you clicked the ad, then yes, it was supposed to take you to Larryville. Otherwise, no, it shouldn't work like that.

      Please, keep all criticism coming. I want this site to be as user-friendly and usable as possible.
      -Tim Shedor

  • PDF Please

    What happened to the PDF version of the paper? If found the page but when you go there all you can do is leave comments and can’t view it.

    • kansandev

      Sorry about that. I’ll work on a better solution this weekend, but for right now, here’s a workaround:
      1. Click on an issue
      2. You will be redirected to the issue reader page
      3. Click the Down arrow on the left side, just above “Powered by Scribd.”

      Please let me know if this is a) an unsatisfactory solution or b) does not work as intended. Thanks for reading.

  • Frank

    I couldn’t find the masthead which should have the the various section editors’ emails listed.

  • satinswan

    Are you going to reinstate the RSS feed? That’s how I kept up with the Kansan.

  • KU Journalism Graduate

    Why is there no PDF version? The iPad is a joke and although today’s update makes it work again, I cannot read it on an airplane. Disgraceful that there is no PDF version available to download to my device to read at my leisure. The app could even to that automatically as a feature. I am a KU alum as well as a William Allen White Alum… I would rather there be NO app than what you have available today. It really makes KU’s Journalism Program look like it is in the 1990′s. What a shame!

    • tshedor

      I’m sorry for the inconvenience and displeasure you’ve experienced with our products.

      For a PDF version, I can direct you to Beneath each front page is a link to the downloadable PDF version. To increase site load speed, we use Scribd to host our PDFs.

      As for the app, I will note it as a feature to include in a future release. If you have any more specific suggestions, please contact me at the email listed above.

      Thank you for reading and for your interest in the Kansan.

    • Another KU Journalism Graduate

      Have you seen other college newspaper websites? looks great and provides a wide variety of campus news and entertainment. As a William Allen White alum myself, I am proud to see the students’ initiative to move the UDK towards our digital era. Remember the UDK is completely student owned and operated. As alumni, we should be fostering their endeavors, not ripping them to shreds.

  • martyks

    The best way to deal with the blowhard you have as a football coach is for the Kansan to write exactly the way Weis envisions they should. Writers, put your tongue in cheek pens to work and write glowing, and I mean GLOWING articles about how great CW is doing and what a wonderful place Oz is since he has arrived! Do it up right, just as The Onion would write it. Ironic Fiction! Lay roses down on the path in front of Weis. Portray him as the second coming. King Charlie will save us all! Write it like the Russian newspaper, Pravda, would describe their government. Put out an article or two as if you are FOX News covering the Iraq war during the Bush years. Stick it to Charlie by writing articles that depict Charlie as, far and away, the best coach in the history of football. People will get the point. Cheer him on. He deserves your fear. Act like it.

  • Casual Reader

    This is basically nitpicking, and I hope none of the staff/ editors take offense to this. I have a “large” (32″) monitor display that I view the UDK on regularly, given that it’s my home computer display. The text in the articles (I believe Arial font) appears to have semi-unequal boldness distribution when in the standard format on my large monitor. Zooming in gets rid of any visual annoyance caused by the original text format, but I’m not sure if this has been something that has been noticed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m not reading the UDK because of this, but it is a minor annoyance that I’d thought I’d mention.

    • tshedor

      @8c32a0c3feb3cacee4513651483771cf:disqus Well! That is interesting. I didn’t know people used 32″ monitors casually, but I’m honored. I’ll try and recreate the problem on a friend’s plasma later this week. We actually use Source Sans Pro as our body copy online:, but depending on your operating system and browser, the immediate fallback is Arial and then Helvetica. Please email me at the address above if you have a minute to provide more information so that I can better debug this problem.

  • cam rader

    I am interested in finding an article about foreign students attending KU from fall semester 1972. Are back issues available in a searchable format that far back? I was interviewed for the article as a foreign student from Alaska. No foolin’.

    • tshedor

      @46b4adbae8cafbc4d699530b37fda359:disqus I’m sorry, but we don’t have those PDFs readily available, at least to my knowledge. I’ll check with our adviser and see if we have older editions archived in some form.

    • tshedor

      @46b4adbae8cafbc4d699530b37fda359:disqus Although we don’t have issues on hand that date back more than a few years, and our digital archives are spotty through 2003, all issues of the Kansan are preserved at the Spencer Research Library. For more information, I’m including their website here:

  • shiningprune

    The player posters in Thursday, Nov. 8 issue would be truly awesome if Elijah Johnson actually wore #45 but alas… I noticed the mistake when they were issued earlier in the week and hoped that it would get corrected. Come on, guys, I’m trying to decorate my cubicle!

    • tshedor

      Sorry about that. We reprinted the poster in today’s issue with EJ’s #15.

  • Justathought

    The UDK Should consider having an advice column that people can write into. FOR REAL

    • kansandev

      Thank you for the suggestion! We will take that into account.

  • Bill

    The UDK should consider doing a piece on some of the poor landlords in Lawrence. While it’s not exactly a “new” story, there is no comprehensive ratings site that provides students with previous tenant reviews and feedback. You hear about deplorable living conditions and landlord horror stories, but without knowledge of what and who to avoid, each year the cycle repeats itself. It would be nice for someone in Lawrence to provide students with the power to make informed living decisions, instead of living off hearsay and passed-down stories. The LJ World is either unwilling or unable to tackle the story, and as the voice of the student body at KU, the UDK should consider a serious, investigative piece that exposes the “slumlords,” their properties, and their KLTA violations.

    • kansandev

      Thank you, Bill. We will definitely take your suggestion into account.

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  • Scott Mcgreevy

    Logan Bayless and myself, Scott Mcgreevy, are both ku students and veterans. We are opening a new business- 300 Functional Fitness, our open house is May 4 from 1-5pm, located at 2732 Oregon St., please stop by and enjoy free bison burgers!

    • tshedor

      @scottmcgreevy:disqus if you are interested in advertising with the Kansan, please contact Elise Farrington, our Business Manager, at Your comment will be deleted as it is not a request for help or support from the Kansan staff, and it is only posted as a promotion for your enterprise through a non-advertising channel on


    Diplomamill – California Coast University – Adam Holden – Assistant Superintendent – Lawrence Public Schools – REALLY?

  • Kevin Kelly

    Nice to have the students back, restoring Lawrence to the vibrant city it has become. Please take a moment to slow down and think about those around you. My 2 year old is in the car when you are running that light or “flying” down the street. Families live in that neighborhood where you’re taking a shortcut to save ten seconds. Slow down!

    If you live in a house or apartment with a family nearby please be considerate to your neighbor. We’re not all here to party. I wish we were. If you can’t take care of the property you’re living in physically or financially or follow the laws move to a dorm or apartment full of like minded students. You have neighbors that work hard taking care of their homes. Respect the Lawrence residents as if they were your parents in your hometown. Lawrence is not an amusement park.
    I know that all the students don’t fall into these categories but it only takes a few to spoil things for everyone. Let’s all be a little safer and make Lawrence a better place than it already is. Welcome back students. Now let me have it!

  • Style Comment

    UKD style updates that are badly needed:

    a) Do not used full line justification alignment you end up with crap like wordssmashedtogether or spaces that l o o k like tabs.

    b) Do not do a line page break in mid (continue in point d)

    c) Your highlighted blue story quotes often cover up the actual text of the story leaving us to fill in the ____ of what we can’t see.

    d) of a sentence. This is annoying and it you read the paper in the order of the pages you have to keep flipping back and forth when continuing stories. I know many newspapers do this, but that doesn’t make it right.

  • checkitout

    how about an article on the kid trying to sell a gun on the KU free and for sale facebook page…

  • Nordia Epps

    Can you believe the Halloween season is here! Put 20 dollars in
    your pocket and head on over to Goodwill Lawrence. We’d love to help you and
    your readers find the perfect Halloween costume and decorations without
    breaking the bank. Our models and costume consultants are on standby waiting
    for your call. It’s all to encourage folks to shop at Goodwill this
    Halloween. Here’s why that’s a great move.
    1. Recycled costumes help the environment
    2. We’re a non profit and our revenue stays local
    3. 90 cents of every dollar goes toward training local folks with disabilities and other barriers to employment and putting them to work
    4. Your Halloween budget will go much further
    5. Your costume will be unique
    I could go on and on, but I won’t.

    How about a little wager between friends. Can you find
    a costume for less than 25 bucks in 25 minutes? Put yourself and a co-worker to
    the test. It would make a great video or photo essay for your photo
    Call me if you’d like to set something up.
    Nordia Epps
    Multi-Media and Brand Manager
    Goodwill of Western Missouri
    & Eastern Kansas
    Desk: 816-842-7425 x 262
    Cell: 816-213-3235
    The mission of Goodwill of Western Missouri & Eastern Kansas is: We strengthen individuals, families and communities in need through the Power of Work.

  • Jill

    Would the UDK consider writing an article about Jayhawk Motorsports the Formula SAE team?

  • Jess k

    You should do a story on the discrepancy between the reported sexual assault crimes just released by KU (3 total) and the estimates of the probability of it actually occurring per the universities sexual harassment training data. I think it’d be an interesting investigative story to find out if KU is deflating reported data as it doesn’t look good for them. If you considered a student population of around 10k women students, statistically there should be much much higher. Just a thought, thank you!

  • Amber

    Do you not do PDF versions of the paper anymore? Last issue was Oct 3rd

  • Donnie Scott

    At the Georgetown vs KU this Saturday the student section should start singing winter wonderland but instead change it to Jayhawk wonderland and say it when everytime Georgetown touches the ball.
    KU are you listening
    KU are you listening
    We’re walking along
    Singing our song
    Walking in a Jayhawk wonderland.

    You should put that on that on front page of the UDK for the game Saturday

  • Jack Blake

    The UDK should look into showing the students a new app called Ligo. I first heard about the app through the entrepreneurship club, but it could definitely be a fantastic tool for the entire student body. The app is exclusively for students at their respected schools by signing in through your email. Anyone can post things like events, jobs and internships, sell & trade items, sublease apartments or houses, or see local deals for food and shopping. I’ve been using it for a week or so, but it could be of useful value if more knew of it.