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Luke is senior studying Journalism and English. This is his fourth semester working for the Kansan. Some on staff say Luke’s fashion sense is lacking. He is aware of this but has no plans to make any sort of “improvements”. He has a three inch scar on his left thumb. He tells people it is from an alleyway knife fight. No one has ever believed this. Luke plans on graduating in May, but is uncertain what the future will hold. Hopefully it will involve being paid.

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KU Athletics cautions reporter to not ask Weis questions

The Kansas football program had a special message this week for sportswriters from the student paper: Watch your step. Members of KU Athletics singled out a University Daily Kansan sports writer Tuesday to warn him of lingering ill-will among members of the football program. They disagree about the intent of the conversation. Katy Lonergan, director […]

Students affected by disasters have options for assistance

Students affected by disasters have options for assistance

Aaron Heintzelman returned from dinner Wednesday night to find fire trucks surrounding his apartment building and water flooding the street. Heintzelman, a junior from Leavenworth, lived on the second floor of Berkeley Flats apartment complex which caught fire around 10:15 p.m. last Wednesday night. When he approached the burning structure  that night, Heintzelman said he […]

Oread neighborhood apartment catches fire

Oread neighborhood apartment catches fire

Fire crews responded at 10:16 p.m. to a fire at Berkeley Flats Apartments at 1123 Indiana Street. Officials said no injuries were reported Wednesday night. According to James King, a Lawrence-Douglas County Fire marshal, the building had been evacuated and an all-clear had been issued at about 11:30 p.m. As of midnight the building was […]

Wescoe Beach protester urges students to 'completely stop sinning'

Wescoe Beach protester urges students to ‘completely stop sinning’

KU Office of Public Safety officers responded to an incident on Wescoe Beach Tuesday afternoon. Clarence “Bro” Cope said he had been preaching for about three hours when a crowd of students began to argue with him. Cope said the preaching became “tumultuous” after some students became upset by his statement to “completely stop sinning.” […]

Firefighters respond to possible nitrogen leak at Malott Hall

Firefighters respond to possible nitrogen leak at Malott Hall

Firefighters arrived at Malott Hall around 11 p.m. Monday Aug. 27. One witness reported a nitrogen tank in the basement of the building leaking. The fire marshal declined to comment at that time.

University retires 97 employees by end of year

The University will operate with nearly a hundred fewer employees by the end of this semester. As a measure to prioritize funding for the University’s Bold Aspirations strategic plan, The Voluntary Separation Incentives Program approved 97 university faculty and support staff for early retirement. Those who took the buyout received a lump sum of cash […]

KU professor Michael Zorgy has been awarded a sabbatical to work on how religion impacted James Naismith when he invited basketball.

Finding faith with James Naismith

Very few realize that James Naismith created basketball as a way to instill Christian values into young men.

University revamps payroll

The University is making changes to its payroll system.

Students given extra printing money for finals week

University students’ printing accounts will reset with $8 worth of printing to use for printing final projects, study guides and more.

KU on Wheels to run modified finals week schedule

The bus system will operate at an earlier time to get students to 7:30 a.m. finals.

KU Boobs to revamp next football season

As the men’s basketball team’s tournament run ended, so did the Twitter trend of #kuboobs.

Parking meters at the Kansas Union helps fund different campus organizations. KU Dance Marathon was the first group to reserve the meters.

New parking meters benefit student groups

Newly installed parking meters help raise money for KU student organizations.

Engineering dean named LSU vice chancellor

The dean of the University of Kansas School of Engineering was named LSU’s executive vice chancellor and provost.

University offers separation program

The University will provide eligible faculty and staff a voluntary separation program.

School of Business alumni to be honored Thursday

David Booth and David Murfin will both receive the Distinguished Alumni Award